Quick Change Adapters for Drill/Boring machines

Each machine has a unique and different design quick change adapter and to help you identify them, we have listed them below:
The Weeke adapter.  Part# 6050.006.10
Diameter 20/10mm 46mm long

Weeke Drill Adapter

Weeke Drill Adapter

The Biesse adapter.
Part# 6050.003.10 (for 37mm), #6050.003.30 (for 30mm)
Diameter 20/10mm and length 37 or 30mm

Biesse Quick Change Adapter

Biesse Drill Adapter

The Busellato adapter
Diameter 19/10mm and length 34.5mm

Busellato Adapter

Busellato Drill Adapter

The Morbidelli adapter
Diameter 20/10mm and length 43mm


Morbidelli Drill Adapter

The Vitap adapter
Diameter 18/10mm and length 42mm


Vitap Drill Adapter

The Maggi, Griggio and Masterwood adapter
Diameter 20/10mm and length 40mm


Maggi, Griggio, Masterwood Drill Adapter

For more information, visit us at http://www.guhdo.com or call 800-544-8436

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